P3d / Fsx integration airport editor (ADE)

Hi, why you don’t create a simple app to recreate airport airfield and realistic scenery for the most known flight simulator (microsoft flight sim and prepar 3d and xplane). Maps data .obj and gps coordinates are already used in ADE (airport design editor) but is very difficoult to use it. for pilots would be great to use the drone to automatically recreate known flight areas

We already export the 3D models into obj format, what other format would be useful for you to do this?

Through Blender? (Open .obj in Blender then export to Flight Sim / xplane, etc?). You can use that method to render the .obj as immersive worlds on CryEngine / Unity / etc and output to an Occulus / etc. We’ve been looking at this kind of stuff for interactive displays and presentations for clients…things like old castles in VR worlds with AI bots. :sunglasses:

Hi, the format is ok but you have to know airport design editor to do it. the simplest way could be an application that do an automatic convert from the drone to the simulator…

Blender seem to be a fantastic program but i am a pilot not a graphic compiler, but now i will try to compile an airport using your advice. Thanks :thumbsup: