P3 normal use outside of dd

We have a p3 that we use for pictures. Since the DD install we have had communications drop outs with the DJI pilot app. How do I remove DD completely and revert back to the original DJI firmware?

Have you tried installing the latest firmware from the DJI website on the RC and the aircraft? For the DD app you can just remove that from your phone and it should be uninstalled.

I was seeing the same thing in the DJI pilot app where it would go to no communication but I could still see the images. The problem is not the DD firmware it is the DJI pilot app. I reinstalled a previous version of the DJI pilot app and have not had any issues. I have the version that I can send you if you want to try it.

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Hey Robbie

That would be great. Brian@brianwalk.com

I sent you a dropbox link to it. Let me know if it does not work. Thank you.

@echeng would it make sense to have someone from DJI on this forum for issues like these, and the spinning drone issue? At the moment, Iā€™m relaying things like this to Ryan and Robert over email.

@jono Email relay is the best method right now. We are working on getting some folks dedicated to SDK support, but that will take time.

It worked. DJI is working on bug fix of some sort.