Ownership and privacy policy of our images now and in the future

Dear all, I was wondering what is going to happen with all the images we upload to the cloud and end up in the map?.

Are we going to own any “special rights” for the images we upload to the cloud and are private (such as our houses, fincas or our own private places)?. Or would they ever be used by Drone Deploy to make them public?. Or could we choose to make them public or not? ie. by showing them in Google Maps or Google Earth…

What is the current situation right now on this? and what is the future take on all this?.

I understand we are doing a great job between all of us by making a drone aerial map of planet Earth which would be invaluable… but can we “control” the bits of the map that we do ourselves or would that be fully controlled by the DroneDeploy Team?.


It’s very weird that nobody from DroneDeploy has answered this post. It looks very suspicious…

Sorry I guess this one has slipped through the cracks. We have a privacy policy and also our terms and conditions are all available on dronedeploy.com. They basically say the users own what they make and dronedeploy doesn’t use them for anything except improving our own system (better map stitching, etc.)

Thanks. Would those images ever be shown/used in/for Google Earth or Google Maps?

If you loaded your own file into google earth you would be able to share it with a customer that way. We don’t have any control over map tiles from someone like Google. If you mean, would be selling it to them, then the answer is no. The kind of imagery they buy is also at a much larger scale than a drone company could provide for the foreseeable future.