Override DJI Go settings for max dist and height

I find it annoying that the conservative limits I have in DJI Go for manual flight restricts the flight in DroneDeploy. I have to close DD, Open DGIGo, change the settings, go back into DD, and re-upload the mission. DD should ignore the settings in DGI Go, or allow an option to over-ride conflicting settings.

The Enable Max Distance should be off and you should set your Max Flight Altitude in the DJI app once.
Once those are set, they should not have to be reset unless you upgrade the firmware. That sometimes changes them.

So, you’re confirming what I stated, correct? Since loss of a 2-way link puts the drone into a “recovery mode” when flying by hand, I want to fly with a conservative setting in DJI Go when flying by hand. Since DD doesn’t need a 2-way link for the entire flight, the max range should logically be extended or eliminated. Maybe I don’t understand your response, but it is a PITA to have to close out of one app that doesn’t open instantaneously, and open another app that doesn’t open instantaneously, and locate the settings to make the changes.

Hi @skadee1,

The max altitude and max radius should be set in DJI GO. This can be done under the advanced settings. Make sure that your flight mode isn’t set to “beginner mode” as this can cause some issues with the max altitude and max radius the drone will allow you to fly. We do use the DJI SDK V4 so it does require setting up the correct settings in DJI GO 4 prior to your flight. Make sure that the DJI GO app is closed when using DD. Let me know if you run into any of these issues once you have checked out the settings in the DJI GO app.


Why? Distance and height does not prove any type of piloting skill. It might prove some type of brains if you invent a new mod. It won’t prove a thing if you use someone else’s mod.

Max settings should be 400ft (121m) and VLOS (Enable Max Distance Off).