Overlays - What Plan and Toggling On & Off?

Wondering what plan the Overlays function is available on. Also, if you share the map publicly, can users viewing through the public toggle the overlay on/off? Does any sharing method allow the user to toggle the overlay on/off.

Hi @consultant,

Overlays are only available for Business and Enterprise plans. You can find more info on our Overlay CAD Files with DroneDeploy support page.


Thanks Christina. I am currently considering upgrading from Pro to Business but if I could get an answer to the original question I posted, that would help me in making a decision whether to spend the money or not.

I had asked if you can toggle overlays on and off and/or adjust their opacity (like with a slider) AFTER they have been embedded into the map, or is the only way to turn off the overlay, to delete it. The link you included in your reply when to a page about overlays which did not provide any information that would answer that question.

You can toggle then and the last one you turn on is at the top (more prevelant). There is not an opacity adjustment, but I believe that is in line. I use a 30% opaque PNG file as the bottom layer to slightly darken the map and make the CAD more prevelant. White for plan sheets with black linework.