Overlaying a tp3 file onto a DD elevation result

Does Anyone know of an app on DD that allows you to overlay the TP3 file off of a TOPCON RTK rover onto the exported contour image ?

We build sports fields and need to submit plans showing where certain works such as drainage lines and cables have been placed prior to resurfacing.

Many thanks for your time in reading and answering this

Hi @Renwrox,

We currently don’t have anything available in our App Market or built-in features that would allow you to do this. Perhaps another user or community member who has had success with this can hop in and help you out.


Does your account allow the Elevation DXF Contour export? You can import that directly into Topcon Pocket3D, Office3D or Magnet directly into the TP3 project file.

Did you have any luck? I re-read this and you can also export the TP3 linework as a DXF out of Magnet or Pocket-3D. From there depends on what your capability is with the dxf. If you can turn it into a PDF you can bring it into DroneDeploy. Or you can bring the 2D map and dxf into QGIS and export that. Message me if you would like further help.