Overlay visibility defaults

Looking at the initial view of our Maps I think it would be better if the map came up without the overlays on to allow the user to adjust for what they want to see. I have a lot of markups and overlays so the maps are very busy when you open them. Or if there was an Enterprise setting as to whether they are visible or not at login.

@chascoadmin thanks for the feedback Michael. I can see how that feature can be useful especially once your multiple overlays and annotations become overwhelming. I can go ahead and put in a feature request and get back to you once we made steps to integrate this.

Thank you Sir! One of my primary goals is to keep user navigation as simple and intuitive as possible while providing them as much information as possible. It’s a hard thing to do with an audience that has a wide variety of initiatives. I sure you all know allot about that!

Any updates on whether or not this might be accepted?


Hello @chascoadmin,

As of right now, this feature is not priority during our current quarter. Hopefully with enough requests, this can change.


No worries brother, just making sure it’s still on the board.