Overlay Transparency Adjustment

Love the availability of being able to overlay a PDF or PNG. An additional enhancement would be adding the option to change the opacity of the overlay rather than just turning it on or off.

Being able to export the 2D map with the overlay would also be a plus.

Thanks JC

Thanks for sharing your input and feedback @jcloutiernh. :slight_smile:

I currently accomplish this by having a semi-transparent black or white shape as one of the overlays. You can then put it in front of the overlay that you want to do them. Iā€™d be happy to show you this and a GotoMeeting if you like.

Sorry, had not been back to the forum in a bit. We have been able to overlay after the fact with Adobe but it would just save a step if the export was available since we already took the time to import into DD. Thanks for the offer of assistance though. It is appreciated.

Checking back in on this. @Adam_Carp, have you heard any updates on the ability to adjust the transparency and/or darkening/lightening overlays?

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