Overlay soil maps over my field data

I want to see the freely available soil maps overlaid on my field so that I can correlate health/issues with soil type.

Sounds like you need to get involved with a GIS solution. We use QGIS which is free and open source. DroneDeploy will export TIFF raster images which you can then use as a layer along with your soil map vector layer. It’s pretty straightforward, but demands some pratice.

Do you have your own soil map or do you use the freely available ones? This type of overlay app could be easily made if the soil maps/tile layers were easy to acquire.

That’s awesome. I actually work at DroneDeploy so I was using this forum to log an idea I heard from someone else. It sounds challenging to aggregate all of the available soil maps but it definitely could be done (to display them in DD).

Yes, this is a public thread. You can remove that post with your personal info if you’d like.

So it was an interesting proposition if you’re looking at your NIR imagery or field overview and you could toggle on/off a soil map to see if there is a correlation to a variability/unhealthiness in the field and attribute that to the soil type. It’s just a hunch, but it could be useful.

Would that be useful at all to you? In that way you wouldn’t have to go to a different piece of software.

Not sure, sorry! You can email me at ian(at)dronedeploy(dot)com

Hey Ian. I think we may have our next collaboration project here! I will investigate to see what I can come up with and get back to you.