Overlay 3D house onto terrain model

I would like to overlay conceptual 3D house models on to my terrain model. Is there somewhere I can find a database of houses/buildings to use for this purpose? Thank you

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Check out SketchFab and CGTrader.

Thanks for the suggestions MichaelL, any recommendations for third party software I can overlay a 3D house onto my 3D dronedeploy terrain model?

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The first software I would try is Blender. It is free and would be a good place to start understanding how to modify OBJ content. Rhino is another good product that deals with this type of data, but it is driven by python so some coding skills would be required.

Unfortunately this is one of those things that doesn’t really have a straightforward process as there ends up being a lot of opening and saving and converting into different file types, but as long as you can get the house model into an OBJ format Blender handles them well. There are several other ways to accomplish this, but most of them like 3DSMax and Unity Pro can get pretty expensive.