Overlap for P4P vs Zenmuse X5S w/ Inspire 2

How does the field of view for the Phanton 4 Pro camera compare with that of the X5S? That is, should I use the same flight characteristics for overlap/sidelap (typically 80%/80% at 100-395 feet elevation) as used with the Phantom 4 Pro, or should I alter the overlap/sidelap to achieve the same level of overlap? I’m about to try 70/70 with the X5S/Inspire2, only because I don’t have as many batteries.

The default X5 lens is 72deg vs 84deg on the Phantom. I would normally recommend 10% higher altitude or more overlap, but I recently learned that the platform may adjust for specific models once connected. @Adam_Carp, is this true?

Yes, we adjust for the specific supported model. Unless you’re recording non-RGB data that requires special overlap settings, you should not need to think of overlap uniquely to your drone and camera set up.

So if it is setup on the browser or app before connected then it will adjust to acquire the same flight specs for the actual device? Does it know the difference between an X5 and X7? It might be nice to be able to spec a model somewhere in admin so your planning is the same as your actual flight.

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Yes, please. The app just does the math. It only makes sense to tell the app which craft you plan on using. I’m kind of surprised this hasn’t been implemented a long time ago actually. Let the user set a default craft but able to change it as needed in planning.

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I made a post about this on the feature request board about a month ago…

Yes! We currently use the P4P as a standard baseline when users are planning from their desktop browser. I will pass this information along to our product team as this has been requested by several other users. In the meantime, you can use the app/drone connection to get an accurate estimate.