Overexposed pictures

So, today I went for a quick mapping over a forest area.
Tunes DD all automatic
All the pictures are overexposed, like blank !
What shit is that mission ?
No trouble up to there !

Phantom 4Pro
Galaxy Tab S2 last OS
Last version of DD

You might check your camera settings in the DJI app. They may have gotten so far out of range it could not bring them into range. I have seen this happen with the P4P where the photos were totally white due to settings.

Well, I thought Dronedeploy was supposed to get control of all settings, nothing else was checked …

@cousin I would make sure your settings are correct in the DJI GO app. I would also make sure you do not have manual exposure settings turned on in the DJI GO app. Sometimes, due to lighting conditions, your drone will incorrectly set the exposure. I would do a test flight to make sure your camera is working properly before you fly using DroneDeploy.