Overexposed Images After Battery Swap

Hello! I recently flew a single mission with my Phantom 4 that required two battery swaps. The images from the first run turned out nicely, although with a slight yellowish tint (no big deal). However, after I swapped out the battery for the second part of the mission, all of the images were severely overexposed, to the point where light gray asphalt appeared bright white. This remained constant after the second battery swap as well. As a result, two thirds of the photos from a lengthy mission are unusable and I will have to return to the client’s site for a “redo.”

Specifically, the sequence of events was:

  1. Mission started automatically.
  2. Battery level got down to 30%, so I automatically returned the drone to the starting point by pressing the home symbol within the DroneDeploy app.
  3. Turned off the drone, swapped batteries, turned on the drone.
  4. Chose to continue the mission through the DroneDeploy app.
  5. Drone took off automatically, at which point I received the error that it cannot auotmatically start image capture and I should manually press the capture button to start the automatic mode. I did this successfully immediately following takeoff.
  6. The mission continued as usual, and continued through another battery swap, but with the second and third runs (post battery swaps) resulting in severely overexposed images after having to manually start the auto capture by pressing the capture button on the RC.

My only thought as to an explanation is that somehow the automatic camera settings within DroneDeploy automatically switched to “off” when I had to manually press the RC’s capture button at the start of the second and third runs of the mission. I didn’t realize the images were so bad at the time – otherwise I would have checked this while it was occurring.

Can anyone help? Suggestions?

Hi Casey,

My one suggestion would be to check this doc out: http://support.dronedeploy.com/docs/troubleshooting-inspirep3 It’s for troubleshooting all DJI drones and has some suggestions on what to check before you start a mission. If this doesn’t help, I’d suggest reaching out to support@dronedeploy.com.