Outdated google maps within the app and desktop?. Help please

Could someone educate me on this please. When opening the app to fly a construction site, the app background map doesn’t show the road that has been there for a year? It shows on google maps on my phone, and on my home computer, but just not in the DD desktop or mobile app. Is there a way to update the maps in DD? Why would there be a 1 year descrepancy?

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I’ve seen this mentioned before. Seems like it could be a possible feature request…I’m going to add it to feedback for the team. Thanks for sharing.

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This might help:

I read in another thread where Chase or Nema stated that they were working on incorporating Google Earth/Map images into the DD app. Not sure if that is still the plan, or where they are on that.

Here is a document on how to create a shapefile, please let me know if this helps.


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Thank you Kara. I followed the instructions, watched the video, and it all worked. Placed the shapefile right where it needs to be and I planned the mission online. Can’t wait until you are using updated maps but until then, this is a great tool. Thanks again.

You’re welcome, Tom! Glad it worked out. Happy Holidays.