Orthomosaic Skewed?

Why is the processed orthomosaic skewed (or distorted)? The site is rectangular however the orthomosaic is the shape of a parallelogram. This has happened before on a flight approx 4 weeks ago. If I process in Pix4D the orthomosaic is rectangular. GCP’s should not be required to get the correct ortho shape.

The link is: https://www.dronedeploy.com/app2/data/5f94fe03e3b6a6f0cd1d5821;jwt_token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzUxMiJ9.eyJleHAiOjI1MzQwMjMwMDc5OSwiaWQiOiI1Zjk0ZmUwM2UzYjZhNmYwY2QxZDU4MjEiLCJzY29wZSI6WyI0ODE1OWM0NTlkX0QyNkI2MEZCMzlPUEVOUElQRUxJTkUiXSwidHlwZSI6IlJlYWRPbmx5UGxhbiJ9.6QdW8vSQDq7wXBsN1hFnkmUaNLbrplFk62Z6-QmqZyhLmvfltmhX3uTSGahnV0FBRe5TxG8jnRl9ayGrYRVixQ

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Drone model? Nadir’s and/or Obliques? Terrain or Structure processing?

I have had experiences in the past where Pix4D would stitch images that DroneDeploy had trouble with including from a DJI Spark where GPS is not reported accurately enough to process in DroneDeploy. It seems that Pix4D may do more visual stitching first, but I have never been able to find any such documentation.

Hi Michael,

DJI P4Pro, Nadir images, Structure. However I have discovered that the ortho alignment has gradually changed between sessions as I have been using sequential (fortnightly) sessions within the same project – without GCPs and relying on the ortho for size, scale and alignment. When I create and process in a new project the orthoimage processing alignment is good.

The “slow” misalignment “creep” is a real processing issue. As a DroneDeploy user for two years this has been a concern to discover now and raises questions about my recent deliverables. There may be information about this in the DroneDeploy processing instructions however it is not as obvious as it should be.

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Gotcha. Perhaps it could be something in enhancements of the Structure mode processing with nadir imagery? Have you tried terrain mode? I know it probably won’t give the vertical face results you might need, but you should have some oblique imagery if that is desired anyhow.