Orthomosaic not quite Orthagonal

My orthomosaic exports appear to not be orthogonal and have a slight Southern inclination to them. For example, a street intersection at the bottom should be 90 degrees but instead is slightly more as if viewed at an angle. We need our orthos to be straight down so angles show accurately. Is there a setting for this or is it a bug?

Depends on the map, @erkq. if you’re viewing in-browser, it could be distortion due to the images, or expected distortion due to the accuracy. Feel free to send a map to support@dronedeploy.com for us to review.

It was the projection system used. “Desktop” seems to use a line orthogonal to the equator and “Web” seems to be orthogonal to the Earth at the job site. So I got what I wanted by using “Web”. Thanks! It’s great so far.

But the labeling of these projection system makes no sens, so am I missing something?