Orthomosaic maps as printable jpgs

Does DD (basic free version) allow the creation of printable 2 D maps saved as jpgs?

Hey @Pegasus,

To my knowledge exporting is a paid feature. double check here https://www.dronedeploy.com/pricing.html for an outline of the versions.

Scott Lashmit

hi @Pegasus- the easiest way to do this is to export a Jpeg and then send it to a reputable printer. We’re working on getting a guide to this together.

I have a large format canon printer and lots of experince its use. I have had good results printing out very nice 13x19 with glossy and matte canon paper. Now of course you can go bigger but that size fits nice in a portfolio holder.


The issue I need clarity on is can you make a jpg using the free version?
I believe this comes as standard if you upgrade to the paid software.

To my knowledge you can only check out the maps online and not email them to yourself or others with the free plan.