Orthomosaic map

Two flights today with V1.2.3, Inspire 1. Camera failed camera check test photo. Closed and restarted app and flew the mission to completion. Resulting map has two cinder block towers that look like they had a melt-down in the finished orthomosaic map. I haven’t had an issue like this before.

Area: 34 ac
Coverage: 100%
Images: 119

sometimes flying too close to the top of a taller structure can cause this to happen. Not sure if that is the case in your map but I’ve seen it before when people don’t fly high enough over the highest point in the map. You can also add some oblique photos of the area that is messed up to see if it helps.

I’ve been getting the same results with my 3D maps of 2 story structures taken at 85 ft- so over fifty feet from the top.

Planning to try some oblique additions today. Can additional photos be added to an existing map or do they need to be processed on the original upload?

You can add additional photos using the dropdown next to the plan on your dashboard.

Thanks, Chase! FYI I did check the documentation before asking, but I couldn’t tell specifically if that was the case or not.

Sorry about the confusion, Mike- we’ll update the documentation.