Ortho Maps Missing Large Blocks

Hi Chase,

We reran a map yesterday that was previously good, it just did not have NDVI enabled. Now the map has swirls all through it. Thought?

Aug 18 16:55 map. ‘Survey 7’

I’m seeing that - very weird. Let me clean that up for you now - should be fixed in a couple of hours.

ok, should be fixed now, sorry about that. Please let us know if you come across any other issues and we’ll get them sorted asap.

YES!!! I have had that issue with most of my maps and we thought it was a camera focus issue! If I get you a list of maps that have that issue can you correct them? Legend! I promise not to have you photoshopped into any more Miley concerts if you do!

Yeah, I saw that with a few of your earlier maps. Not 100% confident I can fix them all (there may well be a camera focus issue as well), but can have a look through them and see what I can do to improve. Please send through the list and I’ll take a look.

Not a huge Miley fan, but loved the duckhunt one - photoshop away!

I believe I’m having the same “swirls” issue as Captainbadge. I posted a reply at Poor Final Image Quality before finding this string. Do you have a fix for this? Thanks for your help.

Sent you an email @tdrone - our engineering team will look into it.

@jeremy, can you help? I think I’m having the “swirls” problem.

Hi @tdrone - I’ve sent you an email about your map. It’s under review.