"Orbit" viewing interface spins object along Y axis?

New here - I just got my first rendering working! Totally awesome, very impressed by the ease in creating renderings - and just setting it up to map an environment was easier than flying the drone itself, lol.

Anyways, so I load up my first model and it looks pretty good. So I click and drag to the side, hoping to pan around the outside of the house, see the sides, backyard, etc. But it doesn’t do that - it flips the house on its side! I can flip it upside down, then mouse down to see the backside, but I can’t continue the roll to see the back yard fully and from a top-down perspective (it locks it at that point and I can’t rotate further).

Is this normal? I looked into the controls and there was nothing about moving around different axes.

edit: OK I loaded a different one, and the rotation is working correctly…:\ http://drdp.ly/IJVsAS