Orbit at End of Mission, set camera at oblique angle

I have not used the Orbit at End of Mission feature yet, so I am not sure if it does this.

It would be very cool, if DD could set the camera at an oblique angle while flying the orbit at the end of the mission.

Because it seems to me that this orbit should be used mostly when Creating Structures or 3D objects.

It would be very easy to calculate what that angle should be, by;
tan(angle) = radius (or diameter) of orbit/altitude of drone.

Just a thought.


This is what orbit should be doing

How cool is that!

We’ll go out & give it the “idiot test”, and let you know.

BTW, what is angle camera is pointed?

Cheers n Happy Memorial Day,

It does just that. It would work better if the orbit flight was adjustable, but it does the best it can. It takes photos at a 45deg angle.