Optimal NDVI camera settings?

Hi everyone,

We’ve seen that a few of you are flying with NDVI enabled drones, some with better results than others. We wanted to open up a discussion on what settings have yielded the most satisfactory outputs. Please do respond with information on what camera settings you enabled and how they turned out, or what hasnt worked for you so far so others can chime in and give suggestions.



Remember if you want to test different camera settings with your NDVI camera you can disable our auto settings in the same settings page on the mobile app as the altitude. It will also vary a bit depending on your lighting conditions, etc.

I have done 5 missions over the same property with the NIR camera. I have changed the setting on the camera every time. Yet the images are the same. Not the images we are looking for. The only thing we have not done is fly at a lower level, which is what we are going to try next.
Open to suggestions. Right now we are flying at 325’. We are thinking on dropping to 150’

Are you sure the settings are changing successfully and not somehow getting messed up by the dronedeploy app? If you send us some links we can look at the photos to see.

Do I need to send you a link or can you just look at my account? They are the last three (3) that I have done. All 3 are of the same property. @325 feet