Opt Out of Processing and Just Share/Annotate Photos

Some jobs don’t require any photogrammetry but we have the need to share photos with client and annotate as needed. Suggest considering adding an “upload only” job option and then add annotation capabilities to the source photo viewer.

You would probably be better off with a third party photo program for that. Preview is good on the Mac. GIMP is a free photo processing program.

I think my clients would be better off if they could just access one system to see all the work products I create for them. Sometimes they may need orthomosaic maps, sometimes point clouds, and as I’ve pointed out, sometimes just progress photos. I don’t see any reason why they’d have to go use a separate system for the progress photos aside from that just DroneDeploy hasn’t realized yet this would be a beneficial feature.

But yes, for a solution right now you’d have to use a separate system. But saying go here for this and go there for that, is not nearly as good as saying, I’ll your stuff is right here.

So basically you’re just wanting to grant notation and editing permissions to people without paying for licenses? If you find a solution that will let you do that, let me know!