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I am looking for an online class to help me study for the lic for UAV. I want something self paced but with assignments and practice tests which will prepare me to take the actual exam. I have looked myself and found a few but wondered if someone here knew of one you would recommend.

Hi Patti, if you’re referring to the Part 107 Knowledge Test, I highly recommend It’s what I used and I passed the first time I took it. Everything is organized into manageable lessons with quizzes at the end of each section. Hope this helps.


Thank you. Yes, this is what I am looking for.

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i’m looking for the online class for the ruby language?

This is a good free resource for getting started:

thank you… yeah it’s really helpful for me

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My friend recommended that I take a look at geeklyhub (here’s the detailed review). Told me it literally saved his life a couple of times during exams. Prices are reasonable as far as I know, the quality of work is good as well. I hope it will help!

I was also looking for the class from last one month. Then I found EduHelpHub and registered there. Now I am pursuing the coaching and that is really a nice experience, where the expert teams are always ready to help students in learning.