On-Line or Hands-On Training

Does DroneDeploy or a 3rd party vendor provide expert training for Mapping and Data Processing?

There is a lot of information available on the website that got many of us started. In addition, many companies will train you on almost any aspect of drone usage that you can imagin (including mine :slight_smile: ). But my recommendation is to try it yourself and get your hands and feet wet. Once you have the major parts figured out the fine tuning can be done through continued experience and by reaching out to others in the industry.

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Thank you for reaching out @Gordovideo - we periodically host webinars with members of our team as well as industry experts to explore various topics and answer audience questions. This is the most recent webinar: DroneDeploy Clinic: Level 1 Getting Started with Drone Mapping (January 2017)

Once you’ve viewed the beginner clinic, please join us on February 1st for an intermediate level webinar. You can register at this link:

DroneDeploy Clinic: Level 2 Advanced Flight and Drone Analysis