On dashboard, Filter condition clears after coming out to the dashboard

The filter feature is way cool. I just found it out it’s there & it’s useful because we have over 120 flights on our dashboard.

There’s one small UX detail though:

  1. If you filter, you get the subset you called for, great.
  2. Then you look thru the list, find your flight, and go into it & do something, still good.
  3. Now you go back to the dashboard
  4. The dashboard goes back to the unfiltered condition, NO bueno!

Obviously the dashboard’s filter condition should persist, me thinks.


Hi @cplamb,

Thank you for the very clear steps to reproduce. After going into a flight, the filters do reset which is expected functionality in the app. I have submitted an improvement on your behalf to keep the filter selection till the user decides to make the change.

Thank you,