Offline Mode: takes off and that's it!

Hi, used offline mode for the first time yesterday, so I could use my tablet with it’s larger screen. The plan is marked as Offline, I let it sync on Wi-Fi. When I came to fly the plan, my Mavic Air took off and just hovered, didn’t start the mission. Tried another offline mission, same thing. At one point I saw a message about not finding the server or something. In the end, tethered the tablet to my phone, not the idea!

Any idea why this happened?



Hi @andy_chard, what tablet, OS and version? Are you able to fly with a Wi-Fi connection? Once the plan has synced, have you tried flying with Wi-Fi turned off?

Nexus 7 android 6.0.1. Wifi on the tablet was off until I needed to connect to the hotspot on my phone

The Nexus 7 isn’t on the supported device list, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get it to work. What version of DroneDeploy is on it?

Sorry, just seen your reply. It’s version 3.9.2