Offline Maps, broken link

I am looking for information on offline maps as many of the places I plan to fly have no cellular coverage - I live in Colorado and plan on doing work both in the mountains and plains away from cell towers. I found links to a page on the DroneDeploy site:

but this link returns a 404 error. Is there a new place to look?

thanks for any help!

  • Derrick

Sorry, but LOL! The offline page is offline. Seriously though, here’s some of the blurb. Problem is that I don’t see this option in flight planning any longer???

Make Available Offline allows you save your template as one of 10 saved on your device for offline flying. Select the toggle the begin downloading the base map and wait for it to say ‘Available Offline’. Deselect ‘Make Available Offline’ before deleting a template to ensure the offline map is deleted from your cached limit of 10. When you’re back online, allow the device to sync to its servers for 10 minutes before quitting the app.

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The offline page is offline - pretty funny! :-):grinning:

I am concerned about this feature being removed from the product - if it has, then it just won’t work for me as I live in Colorado and many, perhaps most, of the projects I expect to be working on are in areas without cell coverage.

I will reach out to support to see if I can confirm.

Thanks for responding Michael!

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Any response from DD on offline availability? I too work in remote areas and the “Available Offline” function is crucial. I am on the verge of upgrading to the Pro level but not if they don’t bring this back!

See this, @Adam_Carp

@Thunderflurry The offline information was consolidated into the Mobile Planning article.

Please let me know if any other questions arise. Thank you for bringing this up.

Short answer: We offer offline flight - only main caveat are that applications (from our App Market) often require an internet connection.

…But the “Make Available Offline” option just doesn’t appear. Your link doesn’t answer the question of what it isn’t showing up. Am I missing something?

It is available in the mobile version of the app on the ADVANCED tab in the plan. Not available on desktop.


Thanks Adam - I was able to plan my flight at home where I have coverage and then fly it up in the mountains where there isn’t any. I was planning on flying over a pond and dam as a training exercise, but it turned out this is on private land (this was not shown as private on Google Maps, it was shown as National Forest land), so I didn’t fly that mission. I wanted to build a model of an alternative terrain feature, but since I didn’t have cell coverage, I wasn’t able to build a new project while on site. My question was, since the DroneDeploy app had downloaded a Google Map for the area (it showed up on the display as it was near the pond) why couldn’t the app allow me to build a new map there even when I was offline? That could then be sync’d up to the server later when I connected, before I uploaded the pictures. I could see this being an issue when I am flying for a customer when we have a change of plans at a Oil Well Site for example - they need me to model a second area near the well pad. Currently I think I would need to return to an area of coverage, plan the new flight, return to the Oil Well Pad, then fly the 2nd project. While this is a bit hypothetical, Colorado has a lot of areas unserved by cell coverage, both in the eastern plains where there are many potential agriculture and oil and gas clients, and in the mountains where there are many mining, oil and gas and utilities clients. This functionality could save a lot of driving back and forth - maybe we could download a google map of the area (just like in the google maps app) and have that accessible in the Drone Deploy app for Project planning while offline? Does this sound feasible?


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ps: I guess this thread morphed into a feature request!

I was able to build the project and make it available and fly the map. What I couldn’t do was plan a new flight after I got onsite and found conditions were different than I expected when looking at Google Maps at home. I asked Adam Carp from DD if an enhancement could be made to allow a Google Map download and allow planning when offline. We will see if DD feels this is a feasible change or not.


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Well, it’s not showing up in the mobile version either. The app isn’t functioning properly for new flight plans created on the web site. The plans appear in the list but when opened, do not display any information or maps. 2018 iPad 9.7" w/iOS 12.1…

Works fine on my Phone on Android and iPad Air2 (12.1.3)