Offline Map Weigh Points?

Was not sure if DroneDeploy offered this function. I am looking to bring up a Google map of an area, then plot the weigh points on my desktop. Then upload the flight plan to dronedeploy. Then just download the pre-planned flight to my Andriod, and have dronedeploy fly the path

Reason: Easier to see and take time plotting paths on a desktop, less battery time on devices wasted while plotting plan, and much faster way to deploy and fly a path.

If dornedeploy does this or can do this in combination with another software program do this I would appreciate any info on how to do this. Thanks!

You should be able to plan on and then sync that plan to your mobile device.

How do i set way-points to exact latitude and Longitude for better accuracy

Yes but desktop app Maps are out of date, not pulling google maps.

You could use this.


Thank you for this looks promising