Offline App Functionality

Please create the ability to fully open and close the DD app on mobile device (iPad) while in the field, without internet connectivity; such that the app doesn’t “lock up” becuase it is no longer in any WiFi range. By “in the field” I mean very remote locations without cellular or wifi internet service of any kind.
If one loses power to the tablet or inadvertently turns the tablet off to conserve power while on multi-day (and multi-month trips!) you cannot open the app up again. And by default you cannot fly DD planned missions until you get back to an internet connection; so all that planning, preparation, travel and opportunity costs are lost.
Simply make it possible to open the app without having to “log in” with internet connectivity. It could be part of the paid subscription options not available to free users, if that helps. As it stands I have cancelled my subscription because of this achilles heel in the app design.
At the very least, make it known to your users that this is the case with the app. A lot of the world has slow, or no internet.
Otherwise, keep up the good work in designing and maintaining a valuable service!


Sorry to hear you’ve cancelled because of this. Looking into it right now.

If you’re already logged in the app should open and stay open fine while not connected to the internet.

If you’re having trouble there are some nice offline improvements coming in the next week or so.

Great news. Thanks for the fast response. Looking forward to the new improvements! And to be fair I cancelled the subscription more because I would be away for months, far from any ability to upload and process data sets. Still am.

Just released an update to ios that should make offline a much smoother experience. Version 2.0.29

Thanks Chase. Is there anywhere the changes of the update are explained or detailed in text format? Specific to offline operations?

The docs are being updated but from my testing the old version also opened up fine without internet. Can you let me know if the update works for you?

Are there any estimates about when this functionality will be available for Android? I have been forced to use other mapping apps but it would be nice to keep everything in the DroneDeploy universe. If DroneDeploy’s mapper had the offline capability of Pix4D’s Capture app to store satellite maps and function completely independent of an internet connection they would make themselves relevant to many more users.

We were supposed to release it on Friday but there was a delay so please keep an eye out.

Oh boy. I will keep an eye out. Can you give us an idea of how it works? Is it a separate app or does it just give you an option to continue without connecting? Also, does it allow you to store/cache maps on your device for later use on location?

Hi Chase, does the new set of features for offline functionality include a fix to the problem of the Log In? Meaning, if one is offline and the app gets closed (logs off) or the tablet is powered down, one can log back in without an internet connection? Because that is one of the biggest problems I face in the field, with DD becoming useless if I can’t log back in (to the app) while offline.

I believe an iOS phone update broke this for some users but not all. The newest iOS version should fix this.

We flew last week, and what we found was;

  1. When trying to logon to the DD app when out in the field without WiFi (but cell phone access) the app Spinning wheel goes round n round (Blood Sweat n Tears ref).
  2. When we turned off Cellular data on the iPad, the app logged on offline instantly.
    Is it that when on a slow speed cellular network the app just can’t get started? It would be nice to have a button to allow logon in either mode.
    Hope that helps.
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Still can’t log into the iOS app without internet connection. Any update in this issue?

We have added some new logging into our latest version 2.0.51. Can you upgrade to that and then reproduce the problem? We might be able to determine what is wrong if you do that for us.