Off line flight or flight plan problem?


Yesterday I’ve tryed my first flight using the DD app. For this first one I was using a Phatom 3 advanced (1.04.0010) with DD 1.3.3 app.

I’ve planned the flight using the Desktop Planning, had it synced and followed all the steps described on the Flying Offline documentation. With all that done, I went to the field.

Once there, exactly inside the flight area, I started did the whole procedures required sucessfully and after all the check list cleared I pressed the start flight button.

The drone took off immediately and gained elevation vertically until it stoped at 10m high. And that was it. the Phantom stood in that position for 2 minutes and, pressing the come home button in the app, it landed smooth.

I had the impression that it was there hovering waiting for the command to go to the first waypoint.

I give it another shoot, with another flight plan slightly different,and the results was the same as the first time.

So, I don’t know where it went wrong. If it was a error during the planning process or maybe it is because the Phantom is in 1.04.0010 yet.

Can you guys help me figure it out?

Thank you

You should try flying a smaller area. This is a problem with firmware 1.04.0010