Oculus GO / Oculus Rift

Has anyone had any success flying a location and creating a map that they can view using either and Oculus Go or an Oculus Rift?

I’m looking for a very basic workflow and whatever software I would need to view the Drone Deploy product.


They had it setup at the DroneDeploy Conference two years ago. @Adam_Carp, I think Andy might have an idea.

@alastair and @MichaelL At this time, I would recommend downloading the .obj and importing it to a 3rd party model viewer that is compatible with VR. It is something that is being worked on here, but we can’t yet project a timeline.

Any recommendations on a viewer? I thought maybe sketchfab but I haven’t figured out what would make the most sense.

@Adam_Carp, I’m pretty sure it was the HTC Vive that was shown. @Anya, I don’t know if Andy is on here or not, but can you confirm what the VR setup was?