Obliques and Internal Shots

I have a question regarding oblique images. I am taking images of a stadium and taking obliques surrounding the structure. It is important to get detail inside the stadium as well as images of a mural. Is it possible to stitch not only obliques taken when rotating round an object, but also by moving the drone past objects such as the mural (a linear sweep) and by rotating the drone but facing the camera out (not in)?

Any thoughts would be helpful in my preparation -



The linear sweep would probably add some additional detail of the inside of the stadium. Just avoid getting the horizon in the images and try to have some good overlap with your oblique images.

Thank you. I’ll give this a shot (pun intended). It sounds like there is no need to do a circular oblique as indicated in the documentation if one is not available, but any detail shots would help if there is overlap and we avoid the horizon, keep at a downward angle, etc. I hope that this is not an overstatement and that’s why I’m throwing it out there.

I appreciate your response. It goes a long way to helping prep for the shoot.


I think what you have planned should work out. Only way to be sure is to try it.