NVDI and P3 Pro

I have a Phantom 3 Pro w 4K camera. I have flown 3 missions and uploaded 2. I don’t see the NVDI option… is that available or do I have do something different.

We can turn that on for you. It is off for dji users because it is false ndvi and is only really useful with an nir camera

Please turn it on.

What is a nir camera?

Thanks, ME

Near Infrared. Similar to this one http://www.aerialmediapros.com/store/ndvi-camera-unit-for-inspire-1-and-matrice-100/dp/838

I’ll turn it on. Just be aware that the NDVI is not actually NDVI without a special camera.

You should see NDVI as an option for the next map you process.

What is the point in having NDVI as an option if you need a special camera to get true results? I’m new to all of this is why I ask. Also what about contours, Terrain Contours, Clean ortho and DSM? Are these true results? Why do I not have these options on my drop down list? I only have Ortho, DSM, NDVI Toolbox/Threshold and 3D!