Not taking pictures on side legs

I’ve had several flights where pictures are not taken on the side legs as per image below.

Please can someone explain what determines whether pictures are taken on these bits of the flight ? Some flights are fine…

That has been changed on the newer drones so it does not take them there. Optimization.
They were more redundant and this decreases your total picture count and upload time.

No option to maybe toggle it on / off ? I can understand the reasoning behind it but it does make a huge difference to the quality of the ortho’s I produce.

Not at this time.
I’m curious how it makes a difference. The overlap alone should do it like it does in the middle of the maps. These pics would seem to be redundant to the process.

The P3’s and Inspire 1’s still take corner pics.


In the situation where I have put a circle it is fine as I have pictures overlapping.
However between the two red lines I have drawn I do not, so my quality is not as good. I am essentially missing a chunk of map unless I redo my flight plan. Make sense ?


There is overlap on those areas from the normal flight lines. Adding in the corner photos adds additional photos that aren’t needed and sometimes can mess up the resulting map.

Sorry chasemgray, I disagree. I have front overlap, no problem with that but there is an area (yellow below) that does not have side overlap. If DD took photos on the turn leg I would have front overlap covering this area.


That area is outside the polygon you wanted mapped. It would normally be cropped out when processing. If you need that area it should be in your polygon that tells us what you’re trying to map.

Exactly my point Chase. I have to replan the flight to cater for an area that was previously covered and now isn’t.

So moving one corner is a huge change to your flight plan? Sorry, but that seems pretty petty. You are better off without the end pieces because of tilt and rotation in the images. It is double the improvement for those try to obtain accuracy. Beyond that you should have at least 1 photo beyond the boundary line of the area that you are trying to map. For instances, the image below shows a series of golf holes to be mapped. The green line is the area that I am interested in actually mapping and presenting. The white mask is the flight plan. Total additional time to fly the plan this way was 3% of 9 minutes or 15 seconds. If you have to raise the flight plan a couple of feet.

I never said it was a huge deal - just that I had to replan my flights. Previously photos were taken on the side legs and this was useful for my particular flights. Now they are not - and as I am aware of it I will adjust accordingly.

I will ignore the fact that your response comes across as extremely rude. Petty indeed because I have voiced my opinion ?

@syamaphantom, I apologize for coming off rude, it seemed to me that you were just shooting down every bit of advice that was given to you without even saying thanks. I expected to see something like, “Oh, ok I can just move that corner down a little bit. Thanks!” That just wasn’t the case. I apologize.

I wasn’t intentionally shooting down every bit of advice but I get how it can be perceived that way.

Apologies to the DD team and thanks to all for their input.

Thank you all for not letting the situation escalate further. I can understand how frustrating it can be when a product doesn’t work the way you expect it to, but we’re all here to help and learn as a community. :slight_smile: