Not straight lines on map and 3d model looks awful

I’m just creating my first map and model, and seem to be having a couple of issues. I’ve tried it twice now, and getting the same results both times. The map view from above has really uneven edges on the main building and the secondary buildings and looks pretty bad, and the 3d model of the main building just looks awful.

I’ve taken aerial shots and circled the building and uploaded about 90 photos although only 64 of them seem to have been used.

Am I doing something incorrectly, the map can be found here:



You can reach out to They will take a look at your images and the result and give you some information about how to improve it.

At first glance I’d try to avoid having the horizon in your photos. Also, which version of the app are you flying with? The latest is 2.0.18 on ios and 2.0.17 on Android. I noticed that all of your face-down photos were shutter speed of ~1/640. It could be what was chosen by the app, but I was just wondering because in older versions of the app 1/640 was used but now it’s smarter.