Not seeing my flight plans

I have made several flight plans on my dashboard that I want to download to my phone that is dedicated to my drone (Mavic Pro) but I cannot see them when logged into the account with the phone and cannot get them on my phone to use offline where there is no coverage.
Any help would be appreciated.I read all the DroneDeploy help I could find but it did not seem to help and I searched the forum w/o finding a solution. Thanks.

Logged out and/reinstalled the app? What phone?

Sorry about that, should have been included.
I am using a Huawei Mate SE and DD v. 2.76
I live in the Android universe and would like to stay there.
One major issue I am having is that I have a Mavic Pro and a Phantom 4 Pro V2 and it has been very difficult to find devices that work with both drones and the various software I am exploring including the standard DJI GO 4, DroneDeploy (which I favor), Precision Flight, and Litchi. I may have to break down and buy an IPad mini 4 which I really do not want to do as I have all Android and PC devices.
Thanks for your help.

Put the computer and the phone on the same network for awhile. It usually syncs.