Not Impressed

i) closed all apps on my phone (phone in ‘airplane mode’ to ignore incoming calls) - opened DD
‘connected to drone’ pop-up on bottom of screen- app shows ‘waiting for drone’
waited 5 minutes- closed app and reopened and attempted again, same result, repeat–
ii) in pre-flight checklist: loading waypoints - 10 minutes - closed app / reopened
same as above (all the while, M100 battery is on)
as before, third attempt yielded success
iii) all systems go! checkmark pulsing and drone flies to height and hovers.
check app- unable to move off pre-check screen (app froze)
into manual mode and landed
iv) change M100 battery (now 50%) and reset app, etc
v) 1/2 hour later (lunch break) reset and reconnected to everything and launched again
app displays the position of the drone in the mission, but no live view, or flight info (speed, distance to home, etc, etc) then phone battery dies about 1/4 of the way into the mission…
vi) a few minutes later, controller starts beeping indicating low battery and within VLOS, I can see it has begun it’s return to home safeguard, albeit too slowly, as the controller is now beeping wildly. I again regain manual control and quickly land safely.
vi) back at the office now, and out of curiosity checked the pictures on the memory card. Nothing but a 2 second video while the M100 was on the ground…
OK fellow DD people. WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON???

Is your controller in “F” mode on startup?

I must admit, the first time the checklist appeared, the controller was in the wrong mode, but it politely told me to change.

I just tried DD for the first time yesterday (2 missions) and today (1 mission). I too forget to put in F mode and was waiting and waiting regarding waypoints. 1st mission it took 5 photos then nothing on 2nd and nothing on 3rd mission. Seems a bit buggy to say the least. I wonder if it’s a matter of the app having trouble “keeping up” with the firmware updates?

I think you’ve got more than one variable holding you up here. I would suggest heading over to (I co-edit the site) and taking a look at the following article, and use the provided step-by-step documentation -

As a side, it also sounds like your batteries sat charged for too long. The on board computer will begin discharge around the 10 day mark.

Consistently is important, and as someone who has hundreds of successful DD missions under their belt, I can tell you “system” is the keyword in “UAS” :slight_smile:

Hope the info helps!

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Are you using an iPad or Android device?

Like Beau, I too have hundreds of flights with DroneDeploy with no problems. Like you, I use a DJI Matrice 100, which I fly using an iPad and DroneDeploy. Back in the spring of 2016 when I first acquired the Matrice, it was not supported by DroneDeploy. Once DroneDeploy began to support Matrice 100’s, it only worked using an iPad. Not sure if it works with Android devices these days, but I know it did not in the past.

I have updated to an iPhone6+. Night and day difference from the 5. I’m now under the impression it was the phone/app the entire time. I also spoke to our sales rep for the M100 and he said with the GPS going and the guidance running, the batteries run down quick, and the fact I had two different batteries (TB47D and a TB48D), things were stacked against me for my first flight.
I have since flown successful missions and have had a nice big slice of humble pie.
truth be told - I am VERY IMPRESSED with Drone Deploy.

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We are so happy to hear that! Thank you for your persistence in working through these issues. We appreciate your update. :blush:

I too have eaten humble pie as I learn the finer points of successful UAS operations for aerial imaging… big, giant slices of humble pie… on more than one occasion. Welcome to the club!

yep- it was a head down, tail between the legs ‘aw shucks’ kind of moment.