Not all photos were used to generate map - some missing

I have created a new map, uploaded 302 (1.5Gb). If I look @ the 2D Map and select Images … it shows that 80% of the area mapped photos were taken (rectangle indicators), but when looking at the actual mapped image only about 30% is displayed, some of the photos are not being displayed …

Did you try to reload pictures ?

Cousin, please advise how do I do that …

Click on the arrow on the right of the “map” button

Cousin, can I just re-upload without deleting the existing photos?

Is there any way to delete all photos and to re-upload?

I think uploading photos should delete preceeding ones

You can also delete the old map, and upload only the images you want using the “Map Engine” icon on the upper right of your dashboard.

Neema, I have deleted the map and re-uploaded the photos, now the stitching is worse … Black holes in the map.

It seems every time I upload the same photos the results differ - Do I need to upgrade from a Trial User to a Paid user before there rendering will work 100% - How am I supposed to evaluate the application?