Noob question

I’m trying to learn the Drone Deploy System and set up a mission that I want to run later this week. I used the simulator to preview the flight and learn where my battery levels will be critical. I accomplished what I hoped to do, but now the program is looking for pictures to upload. Since it was a simulation and since I want to fly this mission on Friday, how do I clear the upload request? I want to get back to where I can fly the mission to get the pictures.

I’d hit the 3 vertical dots next to the mission and copy it. Then delete the one that you did simulation on. This will give you a clean copy to do the flying with.

As far as battery levels go, I let the drone make a pass or 2 on the actually flight, then find out how much % of battery is consumed per pass to estimate where I should make the return to home call for a battery change. This way I can take into account what the wind is doing for battery consumption. Make sure you leave a bit of buffer for landing. Also make sure that you do the return to home at the start of a new pass so that you minimize the reflight time. If you return to home in the middle of a pass the drone will go back to the start of the unfinished leg when it resumes after the battery change.

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Another option that I would recommend if you find yourself in a similar situation is to utilize the import feature from DD to import your flight plans. This is something that can become very helpful lets if you decide to use DD and also something like GOOGLE EARTH PRO. I am a huge fan of DD and I have worked hard to fine the best methods for each flight plan that I take. The fact is, there are map updates on one provider that are not on the other and vice versa. This being the case, I will map my flight plan sometimes in GEP and then export it so that I can then import it to DD. By doing this I am also able to maintain a saved copy at all times that I can import and edit on the fly. It is a great feature and DD’s ability to import has been extremely helpful