Non-ortho photography

I would like to complement my drone ortho imagery of a building with some oblique images (at say a 60 degree angle) and some oblique images which are closer to 0 degrees (i.e. horizontal). Further, I would like to take some terrestrial images of the building from the ground which may be tilted above horizontal in order to better render facades and overhanging features, balconies etc.

What is the best practice for doing this and how will the software cope with such imagery? Is there a way that I can tell the software to ignore objects in the far distance towards the horizon in a horizontal oblique or in a terrestrial photo?

no @ChampionHouse - our software is intended for aerial imagery only.


if you are focusing on 3D rendering, we recommend excluding horizontal imagery. Please see here for more information:

Thanks Neema.

I’ve seen examples on the Pix4D webiste (which I understand you guys use for the back end processing), which shows 3D models with detail on the underside of objects. Take a look at the video on this page ( About 30 seconds in there is a fly through video of a Parthenon-like building and the underside of the structure is defined and has facades. How has this been created? I’ve no desire to create a 3D rendering of the Parthenon but buildings we are working on do have overhanging features like balconies which we need to render in a 3D model. The balcony is an integral part of the property we’re modelling and having a blurry or spurious object under the overhanging feature in the final model is actually detrimental to the product rather than beneficial.