No return to home and not taking photos

I have verified that when the DJI Phantom 3 Standard RC looses signal over the drone, because of long distance or large trees in between, DroneDeploy wont: return to home, nor take photos. I verified this issue in different places with no interference at all. The behavior was as follows:
Turn on RC
Turn on DJI P3S
Load mission
Fly away (at sight) to long range (1.4 km away)
Apparently starts photo taking process
After ending mission, wont return to home. It stays almost hovering where it ends, and moving about 1 m/s. It will use all battery charge this way.

Press RTH… it says “Already RTH”
Before it uses all the battery charge, I decided to start DJI Go and pressed RTH from this app, which it then return home safe.
No photos were taken.

Hi Marianojhb

Seems a bit weird. Good thing you were ready to go into DJI Go.

DroneDeploy actually doesn’t take that much command of RTH. There is a way to send the command to the drone, with the button, but that’s as far as DD goes. The DJI autopilot decides when to RTH and what it does.

We don’t officially support the P3Standard. (Check supported drone list) For any commercial operations, we’d really recommend a P4Adv/Pro as they’re far more reliable, camera and otherwise.


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Thanks Mike.
Missed P3S wasn’t in the list of supported drones. Thanks for noting me that. I will consider it in the future. As far as it goes, unless it’s too far away, it works pretty well.
Could you tell me the real range in a plain area with no interference at all? How far away can I start the mission? Thank you!

We’d always remind our users to stay in line of sight :slight_smile:

Other users on the forum might help on that question.

Hello guys. I havent used P3S on the last few months, but it used to work excelent. In order to do such large flight, remember always to take the first picture within the RC range, if the drone is not connected you will not be able to star to take pictures. Also when the P3S is reconnected it used to stop taking pictures. On my experience I flow a P3S almost 900 m from the HOME point and it stated and made the mission ok. Hope this help. Carlos