No pictures taken

I tried the app today for the first time and no pictures were taken on three flights. I also use a competitor app also and had no problems after no luck with DD. All versions up to date and the firmware in the Inspire (1) is up to date.

Hi @pilotgil,

We have seen a few issues with image capture with the transition to the new DJI SDK V4. I’m curious what speed the SD card being used is. We recommend a class 10. I’ve experienced similar issues with a slower speed SD card with an Inspire (1) Pro running an X3 camera. I would recommend trying a new SD card and seeing if that clears up the issue. Let us know if the issue persists.


It’s a Monster Sport 90 MB/s Speed Class 10. I have been flying this card for over a year no problems. Also, I just switched to another app and got the images no problem, I tried DD three times, no luck any time. I switched app, worked just fine, same Inspire, same SD card, same camera. I have heard other complaints with the new release of the SDK but that doesn’t seem to be an issue with the other app.