No pictures just RLV & THM files on Micro SD Card

Hi all,
I have recently used my Phantom 3 Standard for a test flight using the drone deploy app, I’ve just got back to my office and put the Micro SD card into my PC to find that no JPEG are present from the flight. However in the folder: MISC\THM\100 there are 188 RLV & THM files and there were around 188 photos that were supposed to be taken during the mission. Has anybody had any similar issues and does anybody know of any reason why this might have happened? I hope that there is a way to use the RLV & THM files and somehow convert them into JPEG’s to upload but from what I have read this might be a bit of a long shot. I’ve completed successful missions before and have not come across this issue. Any advice / discussion is appreciated,

Kind regards,


Phantom 3 Standard

iPhone X iOS 11.2.5

DroneDeploy Version 2.66.0 for iOS

Hi @tomtime93,

We actually don’t officially support the Phantom 3 Standard, so there’s no guarantee that this model will or should work without issue with our services. I recommend taking a look at our Supported Drones page to see what we’ve successfully tested our software on.