No photos collected

iPad 6th gen, iOS 15.6, DD 4.98.0

Flew a standard mapping mission today, returned to the office, and discovered that I had no photos on the sd card from that mission except the camera test photos. There should have been something in the neighborhood of 360 photos. Unfortunately, I did not notice during the flight if the photo ticker was advancing. I did notice that it was live-mapping. Sometimes I forget to turn that off. At the office, I checked settings and discovered that it was turned off, so that’s odd. Also, the live map it had created in the field was pretty much gone and only the first collected image remained.

I figure it was simply a one-off glitch, as the other 5 missions I flew today went as planned. I’m going to do a re-install and fly same mission next week.


Update: reflew same mission with all same setup without a hitch. It was a freak incident.


Did you ever check the internal storage? Mine did that one mission. Little bit of a scare at first but I plugged my drone into my computer and they were all there.


I should do that. I’m not sure it could hold that many photos, but it would be interesting to see if that’s where they ended up. Thanks for the suggestion!

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