No Logs when uploading images from desktop (phantom 4)

Hi all,

I am using a phantom 4 plus a vegetation camera atached to the legs of
the drone (is a MAPIR 2). the camera has no gps tracker. To use the vegetation images i therefore need to synch
them with the gps log of the phantom.

Yesterday i flew 50 hectares offline. I came back to the office, took
the sd of the phantom out and plugged it into the computer. I then entered the account and manually uploaded the pictures (rgb from the
drone camera). Everything went fine as i obtained a very nice
orthomosaic. The issue is that i cannot find anywhere the log files.
There is no link to the log file.

Is it thhe case that logs are only available once the pictures are
uploaded directly form the drone app on the tablet? i would very much
appreciate some help on this issue. I cannot possibly georeference the
NDVI camera pictures without the logs from the phantom…

Thanks a lot

Hi, on the desktop you can now download log files that are available from the item in the plan list instead of having to make a map.

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