No Logs available after flight with Mavic Pro

Issue: Message in DD is that there are no logs available.

Start of isue: Can’t tell, I’ve never been able to upload logs

Drone Model: DJI Mavic Pro

Mobile Device Model and OS version: Apple iPad Mini 2 OS 10.3.1

Desktop: Windows 10, Firefox 61.0b2

DroneDeploy App Version: 2.72

I’ve never been able to upload logs. This time I have made a ‘clean’ flight, and the files are processed through DD, so it should be available.

Hmm, very interesting.
Now all of the sudden, logs are available?
How long does it take after the processing are the logs available?

Sometimes it takes awhile to sync the logs.

I see, what exactly is syncing the logs, is it the tablet, so I need to have that connected, or what??

After you land I would wait about 1-2 minutes for your logs to fully finish to reduce errors. You can also check to grab flight logs via itunes.