No Images taken with Mavic Pro

I’ve searched and haven’t found an answer to my exact question. Am I suppose to manually take pictures or does the Mavic automatically take them? If automatically do I have a setting for how many images?

I sent my mavic up several times now with out any other apps in the background running. It flew the pattern perfectly but did not take any pictures.

I am new to the mavic so I don’t know if I should change camera settings, mavic settings or app settings.

Would someone please shed a little light on this? Thanks.

Hey @jimhuntphoto

out of curiosity do you have automatic camera settings enabled or disabled via the app?

Whenever I don’t see my Mavic is snapping picture I’ll manually snap the 1st picture with the controller. Then it will normally continue snapping til end of mission. I’m using ipad mini 2 and I’ve had good results with a bit of hacking around. Hope this helps…

My Phantom failed taking photos today also. Yesterday it recorded 92 pix for a good ‘structure’ 3D model of a motel. Today it flew 3 missions and failed to record any images. I hit the home icon to bring it back as soon as it began camera failing.

The camera gimbal goes all weird 50 percent of the time when I boot up the battery; spastic. Then I shut the battery off and retry and it self corrects. From there DJI GO will fly and record pix and vids per normal but DD will not activate the camera at all during missions. Phantom 3 Standard with Samsung 5 phone. Was working well for one week past. Now failing; Dronedeploy. DJI GO still works. Getting messages about camera defective and ‘return to service center’…

I will try again tomorrow.

Will check if something is not working on phantom standard and android.

I have had this several times, taking a picture manually (even witht he hot button) tends to help, also ensuring the DD and DJIGO are not running at the same time (ensure to close all DJI processes running in the back ground.) and see if this helps.


I was able to fly for a couple minutes this weekend and after doing the firmware update it took the images from the pix4d. I would assume it would take the images from drone deploy but being cold and windy I didn’t feel like testing it out just yet. Now I do not know if the firmware update fixed the issue, I just know now that the images were taken after the update. :\

MAVIC Pro issues here too!!
85 images taken successfully on March 7. Processed overnight with 4-8 “holes” in imagery/data!
Today (March 8), no pics automatically taken by app on 3 flights on same 5 acre property as yesterday. App throws up a “To take images manually, click Camera Button” page just before reaching Waypoint 1. To close page, I hit ok, just to get rid of it. But when it starts the mission at Waypoint 1, no images are captured despite it flying and landing after the mission successfully. Anyone (DroneDeploy??) wiith any setting changes or tips, please reply.
PIX4D, and LITCHI look like getting a workout from me tomorrow morning in testing. Hoping I have luck with one, or both. Anyone else got any tips for me, an ANDROID user, for gathering or processing 2D/3D data!!?? :slight_smile: Thanks

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I still can’t get the app to take pictures, operate the gimbal, or perform an orbit on my P4 with Android. Worked great before version 2.0.33 was released. I’ve been told that they are working on an update but no time table for that. Not sure what they did but it sure wasn’t good.

same issues, any one able to do the automatic image capture in this feed?

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