No imagery while flight planning. Rerun old mission

Hi, I am new to using DroneDeploy. I have had a couple successful flights through planning flight, capturing images and getting some really great maps in return. I am trying to make a new flight plan but the image I get is the default 5 acre square but no satellite imagery so I can define flight area. Any reason that this could be happening? Also is it possible to re-run an old flight plan even though it is complete?


Hi @Marco666,

Welcome to the DroneDeploy Forum. I have a couple of suggestions for you:

  1. Plan your flights on your desktop and make them available offline. You can find info on how to do this on Planning Flights on
  2. It’s currently not possible to re-run an old flight plan if the map has completed, so I suggest copying the flight plan before uploading images for processing. To do so, check out Replicating Flights.

Hope this helps!