No GCP's resulting in extreme curved model

This is my first test of Drone Deploy, we are currently using a Mavic Pro and DJI’s Ground Station Pro to capture data.

I’m just testing different photogrammetry software, and noticed that with Drone Deploy, there is an extreme curve in the model/image after processing.

I’m using the website to upload the photos, no app is involved. This is how the photos imported showing their GPS locations This is the resulting image that Drone Deploy produced.

XXXXX (I will post a link in a reply, can only put two in a post) This is an example of how another software processed the images (in this case, Autodesk’s RECAP Photo.

Since both RECAP and Drone deploy are mostly ‘black boxes’ where you can’t change settings on how the images are processed, I have to question what Drone Deploy is doing here?

While I know GCP’s would probably correct the issue, I did not use them at all with RECAP either. And it was able to process the project without issue.

Any thoughts? Here is the sample of what RECAP Photo produced under default settings

Hello @Millsy1, Thanks for reaching out. I am not sure why the curvature is showing in your maps. This can be due to the way the images were processed. I went ahead and reprocessed your map. Hopefully, this time around better results will be produced. You will receive an email once your map has finished processing.


Thanks Yusuf, ya I’m not sure what to say. The reprocessed file doesn’t seem to be noticeably improved.

This is what I got with Global mapper

Once again, no GCP’s were used.

In other software I do see a slight curve in the model. This is likely due to not having the GCP’s and the inaccuracy of the onboard GPS. But the horizontal measurements are quite a bit more accurate.

Thanks for reaching out @Millsy1 This issue should be corrected with GCPs.